Top 5 Things Your Hospitality Management Company Should Do for You

  • Associate Training
    When we onboard a property, all associates become part of the Taylor Hospitality family and sets them up to receive training and leadership. Training includes in-depth modules regarding our service standards – It is imperative that we assemble an outstanding member/guest-oriented team to deliver on our client’s priorities.
  • Operations Ownership
    Your management company should be responsible for all club operations including business and marketing plans, establishing an operating budget, staff hiring, and procurement. Otherwise, why are you paying them? At Taylor Hospitality, we take ownership of operations and present a comprehensive plan for our clients to review.
  • Customer Service
    We provide a premier experience to all clients, guests, visitors, associates, and anyone else we meet. Period. If your management company is not in charge of the experience, why are you paying them?
  • Administrative Functions
    We are responsible for all accounting functions including A/P, A/R, and will implement all necessary financial reports which include all the necessary revenue metrics that outlined our performance. We are always evaluating and adjusting to maximize profitability and guest experience. Daily our operations report on overall service of the day segmented into customer segments along with the number of rounds, food, beer, wine, and liquor sales. Transparency is key – if your management company won’t share the numbers with you regularly or on-demand, why are you paying them?
  • Sales and Marketing
    Any good management company will be responsible for development all sales and marketing programs for social media, event sales, retail, and every other revenue making opportunity. If your management company won’t present you with a marketing plan, why are you paying them?


Taylor Hospitality and its parent company, Up to Par Management, is a premier management company creating lifetime memories for our clients, guests and associates through our profitable venues, value added services and community relationships. We are a proven management firm with over 100 years of combined experience successfully operating clubs, restaurants, and hotels. We have an in-depth experience managing and maximizing all aspects of facility utilization including golf, membership, food and beverage, agronomy, tennis, fitness, hotel, rooms, housekeeping, sales, marketing, human resources, spa, and retail operations. In conjunction to this operational expertise, we have years of strategic management experience providing leading edge business consulting to the industry, including realistic financial evaluation, product assessment and marketplace analysis to reposition golf/country clubs/restaurants/ hotels to maximize value. We work with our clients to establish realistic budgets minimizing costs and maximizing revenue stream for profitability.


If you are looking for a hospitality management company, or if your current company is not working out, give us a call. We’d love to get to know you and help you get profitable – 540-464-4653.

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  1. Our management company especially good at marketing. With their help our socials brought new clients to us. As we know a little bit after, they bought followers, likes and views with for posts on facebook, instagram and twitter. And these actions got interested people, that’s why they chose our hotel.

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