It’s been over a year since COVID came onto our radars, and some days it feels like it might never end. Despite the pandemic, couples are still getting engaged and planning weddings. We all need something to look forward to so here are 5 tips to plan your wedding during the pandemic while celebrating safely with your friends and family.

1. Social Distancing

Plan to have your guests spaced out. Create seating assignments and work with your venue coordinator to space out tables accordingly. Try seating less guests at each table, and limit those guests to members of the same family or households. If you aren’t already booked with a venue, look for a space that has a capacity that is larger than your guest count. You could even consider outdoor spaces, but make sure you have an inclement weather plan if you take that route.

2. Essential Guests

No one wants to uninvite a guest from their wedding, but under current circumstances anyone would understand it if you had to reduce your guest count due to venue or government restrictions. We know you want to have all your friends and family, but it’s a good idea to have an essential guest list of friends and family that you absolutely could not host your special day without. If you have to reduce your guests list start by removing children and plus-ones. This will keep your list as close to original as possible, by just eliminating a few people.

3. Virtual Events

If you have to limit your guest list, or you have family and friends that aren’t able to attend due to safety, health, or personal reasons- plan a virtual wedding! This could be as simple as having an attendee host a Zoom during your ceremony to hiring a professional videographer to live-stream all your special moments from ceremony procession to first dance. Don’t limit yourself to virtual wedding day festivities- you could also plan virtual engagement parties, and bridal showers!

4. Protective Equipment

Consider investing in protective equipment for your big day. Give your wedding party coordinating masks that match their attire or purchase face shields that are attached to the neck or shoulders to avoid disturbing wedding day hair and make-up. If your venue doesn’t provide it, consider sneeze guards for any food or dessert displays so items like your wedding cake can still be safely displayed. Custom masks and sanitizers make for practical wedding favors.

5. Be Prepared For Changes

In today’s climate nothing is certain. Things change from day to day. Be prepared to make changes to your wedding, have back-up plans, and talk with your spouse so you both are on the same page if something comes up. While it may seem like your wedding day is falling apart piece by piece, remember that the most important thing is that you marry the love of your life and everything else will fall into place.