Hotel Development

Planning, Financing, Construction, and Opening


Developing Hotel Properties

Taylor Hospitality is a highly effective operator that embraces continuous improvement. We understand the significant impact that design and development decisions have on operational efficiency and ownership’s profitability. Our straightforward approach to hotel and hospitality development ensures realistic and achievable rates of return on investment, minimizing risk from the project’s inception.

Pre-Opening Activities 

✔️ Concept

✔️ Feasibility Study

✔️ Architectural Planning

✔️ Funding

✔️ Business Plan

✔️ Project Management

✔️ Goods Acquisition

✔️ Team Hiring and Training

Opening Day and Beyond

With our extensive expertise in planning, feasibility, financial projections, land acquisition and site selection, architecture, tax credit planning, interior design, construction, fixtures, and equipment selection, we excel in all aspects of the development process. From the initial stages to the grand opening, as well as ongoing operations and financial management, Taylor Hospitality sets the standard as a leader in hotel development and operations. Additionally, our strong access to hotels and hospitality capital enables us to navigate economic pressures and expedite projects effectively. We have also developed various capital structures that align with our partner’s investment strategies, showcasing our creative approach.

Taylor Hospitality actively seeks opportunities to collaborate with like-minded investors who value realistic rates of return supported by operational expertise and exceptional guest experiences. Throughout the entire journey, from conceptualization to construction and the first cocktail served, our team stands by our investors, providing guidance, knowledge, and solutions to ensure projects are delivered on time, within budget, and generate the expected return on investment.

Thinking about franchising your hotel?

When choosing the best hotel brand for your property, there is a lot to consider. Hotel operations are constantly changing, as well as guest expectations with them. Therefore, it’s necessary to evaluate hotel brands not only on their ability to deliver hotel services but also on their commitment to providing rewarding experiences to guests.

Taylor Hospitality is a certified manager of the major hotel brands and we will be happy to guide you through the process and help you select the best-fit brand for your hotel.