MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – March 30, 2023 Taylor Hospitality is proud to announce that Jolene Downs, Director of Sales of the Hilton Garden Inn Morgantown property, has been nominated to join the corporate Hilton Garden Inn Brand Advisory Council. This council brings together high-performing hotel leaders to provide insight and guidance on how to elevate the brand’s Brighthearted Hospitality. 

As travel begins to pick up, Hilton Garden Inn is interested in understanding the new world of travel from a team member perspective. The Brand Advisory Council will help ensure that guests are receiving the best possible experience at each property. The advisory council provides an opportunity for hotel leaders to share their perspectives on upcoming brand initiatives and stay connected with the field. With more than 970 hotels in 57 countries and territories around the world, Hilton Garden Inn relies on its team members at each location for insights and feedback in order to provide the best possible guest experience. 

Brand Manager of Hilton Garden Inn, Tramaine Cooper commented, “We are pleased to have Jolene join our Brand Advisory Council. Her perspectives and insights will be important to the continued success of the Hilton Garden Inn brand.”

Michael White, Regional Director of Hotel Operations for Taylor Hospitality and General Manager of the Hilton Garden Inn Morgantown, states, “I have the highest confidence that Jolene will be a great participant of the Brand Advisory Council to gather information from a team members point of view.” He continued, “Jolene has been in the hospitality industry for many years and has seen various trends, travel uniqueness, and expectations that the industry has seen; she will bring extensive knowledge to the advisory council. I know she will be an asset and will bring her brighthearted self to the Hilton Brand Council.”

“The Hilton Garden Inn Brand’s Brighthearted Hospitality is all about creating experiences where team members and guests feel cared for, valued, and respected,” said Sean Taylor, CEO of Taylor Hospitality. “We are thrilled that Jolene will be joining the advisory council as we continue to elevate our brand.” 

Jolene Downs has been an integral part of the Morgantown Property since 2020. In addition to her role as Director of Sales, she has also served on a variety of committees and boards for the local community. She brings with her years of hospitality experience and an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional service. 

“I am honored to have been selected for this prestigious role,” said Downs. “I look forward to bringing feedback and fresh ideas to the corporate brand team. Our brand is committed to evolving and tailoring how we do things for our guests’ preferences and expectations, post pandemic. We have already implemented many things to improve guests’ experiences like our digital key, mobile check-in and check-out, and allowing the guest to choose whether they prefer housekeeping services during their stay. This opportunity gives us the ability to learn more about what our guests want and improve our brand.”

Taylor Hospitality is excited for Jolene Downs’ involvement with the Hilton Garden Inn Brand Advisory Council and looks forward to seeing what new ideas come out of this collaboration.