Farmville, VA. (April 23, 2024) – Hotel Weyanoke, a historic destination offering unparalleled hospitality experiences, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Patrick Carey as its new Executive Chef and Food & Beverage Director. With a storied career that spans over a decade in the culinary arts and hospitality management, Carey brings a wealth of experience, innovation, and passion to the esteemed hotel and its restaurants.

Prior to joining Hotel Weyanoke, Carey excelled as the Director of Food & Beverage at Marriott, where he was instrumental in aligning Food & Beverage operations with brand commitment, establishing a robust labor hierarchy post-COVID, and significantly exceeding budget expectations by 30%. His strategic initiatives led to a remarkable reduction in food costs, meeting the target of 25%, showcasing his exceptional ability to drive financial efficiency and operational excellence.

In his new role at Hotel Weyanoke, Carey is committed to enhancing guest experiences through culinary excellence and unsurpassed service. His hands-on approach and dedication to working closely with the supply chain ensure efficient product management, maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.

“We are thrilled to announce Patrick Carey to lead our Culinary and Food Beverage Operations for the Hotel Weyanoke. Patrick brings a completely new skill set to elevate our quality and service at all three of our restaurants, Catbird Rooftop Terrace, Effingham’s, and #1 Restaurant 5 years running in Farmville, Taproot Tavern,” shared Sean Taylor, Chief Executive Officer.

“Culinary Art is an amenity for guests to enjoy and a social lubricant that brings us together. Through our newly rebranded food & beverage program we strive to bring a new experience to Farmville. Offerings Farmville can look forward to are public events, holiday gatherings, and Provencale menus to excite your palate. Embracing this new chapter in my career, I invite the community of Farmville and those visiting to break bread with us and enjoy the culture we are developing here at Hotel Weyanoke,” expressed Patrick T. Carey, Executive Chef & Beverage Director.

Under Carey’s leadership, Effingham’s menu has been transformed to feature a dozen specialty pizza combinations, each designed to challenge and delight the palate. From the savory sweetness of the Fig & Prosciutto pizza to the bold flavors of the Harissa Chicken, these culinary creations are a testament to Carey’s commitment to innovation and quality.

Effingham’s new menu also highlights Carey’s new flavor profiles through an array of appetizers, handhelds, and entrees. Notable offerings include Honey Truffle Fries seasoned with smoked sea salt and parmesan, Crispy Pork Belly accompanied by mostarda and apple fennel slaw, and a Bison Burger that pairs perfectly with stone ground mustard aioli on a brioche bun. This menu went live on Monday, April 22.

Located in Farmville, Virginia, Hotel Weyanoke is a bastion of boutique luxury, perfectly positioned for guests to enjoy the best of Central Virginia. Just a short walk from Longwood University and a quick drive from Hampden-Sydney College, it’s an ideal spot for a diverse array of visitors. While the hotel’s vicinity encourages exploring Farmville, its three distinguished on-site dining options, including the highly praised Taproot Tavern and Effingham’s with its coal-fired pizzas, offer compelling reasons to stay in and savor the culinary expertise. The Catbird Rooftop Terrace rounds out the experience, offering specialty cocktails and stunning views over Farmville.

Taylor later stated, “We are extremely confident in Patrick and his ability to impress our guests, the creative menus, and the fabulous experiences in all our restaurants or banquets.”

Hotel Weyanoke invites guests to experience the culinary artistry of Chef Patrick Carey at Effingham’s, Catbird, and Taproot Tavern. With three new menus that marry traditional techniques with avant-garde concepts, Carey’s creations are sure to enchant and engage all who dine. Chef Patrick Carey is also revitalizing the weekend with the return of a beloved tradition at Hotel Weyanoke – brunch. Guests can look forward to inventive dishes and classic favorites, designed to make weekends at Effingham’s a culinary highlight in Farmville.

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